Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Assignment #1

1. Select or create an original story. (Make sure that it fits the perameters of The Story Development outline.)

2. Begin Research. By research, I mean look for images that will support you story visually. Period, location, specific buildings, etc. Bring in images from magazines, books or images printed from the internet.

3. Reasearch images of:

a. Costumes
b. Props
c. Hairstyles
d. Anything that is relevant to the character.

4. Begin to develop the character and his world, through rough sketches. (In your sketchbooks.)

a. How does the character look?
b. What does he wear?
c. Any Props?
d. How does he move in the world?
e. Facial Expressions?
f. What is the world location?

Good places to find images besides the internet are libraries and museum collections, or magazines like National Geographic. (Great places would be to sketch/photograph from life on location.)

If you are doing online research, remember to try various keyword combinations when searching Google images, you may also want to try sites like Deviant Art.

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